Online Education – More than a Content Library

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It is well known that online education brings many things to the table, giving it a significant advantage over offline modes or traditional campus learning. However, most of us still have to cross many perception-related hurdles before we can be completely comfortable with the idea of online education.

Access and flexibility are major positives in favour of the concept. Those who do not have the means to travel across national or international borders to acquire degrees from reputed institutions require only a workable internet connection, even in remote parts, to avail of some of the best learning experiences. This gives the medium an advantage of scale too. Taking into account where India stands today and our goals for GDP growth, we need an investment of more than $100 billion to create the additional offline higher education capacity necessary to train our future workforce. That target is impossible for a country like India to afford. And in that context, online education will play a very important role in capacity building for the future of India.

June 23, 2017

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